Monday, 30 March 2015

Episode 17: Founding father or tyrant?

In the third episode on Gustav Vasa we see him as a cautious maker of foreign policy in a Europe where he is not quite accepted as legitmate ruler. We also briefly meets his nine children, of whom three - Erik, Johan and Karl - will become kings of Sweden.The five daugthers were married off to minor princes in northern Europe and the last son was mad and spend most of his adult life in seclusion, though well provided for by his siblings.

Gustav Vasa is the most known monarch of Sweden - and rightly so since he did transform the country from a medieval one to a much more modern and efficient state. Up until the secon half of the 20th century he was venerated as a founding father, but by now he i also regarded as a tyrant. A completely ruthless ruler in line with Machiavellis "The Prince". Yes - he was both.